Rosè Brut
"Nove Giugno"
Monferrato bianco
Piemonte Chardonnay DOC
Rosè "Vianus"
Barbera d'Asti DOCG
Barbera d'Asti Superiore
"Camp Riond"
Monferrato Rosso

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All of our grape varieties are planted in places where they can grow and express the best of their traits. Barbera has found its perfect habitat here in the hills of the Monferrato region. The first historical evidence of its presence in this region dates back to 1514.

Barbera is an exuberant and versatile grape. It can be enjoyed as a young, fresh wine creating the persuasive Vianus rosé or, it can be produced in the classic champagne method creating our Metodo Classico Novegiugno. For our traditional Barbera production, we offer the Barbera D'Asti Camp Riond and Nizza wines that feature the full bodied and complex reds aged for longer periods in wooden barrels or steel tanks.

Contrary to popular belief, Chardonnay came to the Monferrato hills long ago. Historical records show that as early as the 1800s , the Marquis of Asinary imported cuttings of the famous French vines from Montrachet to our neighboring village of Costigliole d'Asti . It was soon discovered that this variety was well suited to thrive in our calcareous soil. The Bourg is our tribute to this famous pioneer and to our passion for the white wines of Burgundy.

The idea of producing a white wine native to the Piedmont has always fascinated us. The Vianus is a white wine that we produce in honor of the Piedmontese grape Arneis . Time has shown us that planting Arneis vines in Agliano Terme is a risky but worthwhile endeavor. Cabernet Sauvignon, on the other hand, we plant for character and style. It is the perfect companion to Barbera, because it is spicy, rich in tannins and low in acidity. It is very different, but complimentary, to the Barbera grape. The combination of these 2 wines produces a wonderful marriage, thus was born the Forestiero.

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