"You can produce a bad wine from wonderful grapes but, you can never produce an excellent wine from a bad grapes"

This saying drives us because the quality of the wine comes from the wellbeing of the vines in the vineyard.
The style of our wine is straight forward and simple. We try not to spoil what nature and hard work in the vineyard have given us, because in the end, it is the vineyard that is the very heart of the success of our products.
Our 8 hectares of vineyards are all located in the municipality of Agliano Terme. Four hectares are located in the hamlet of Salere, the area south of the town of Agliano, bordering the municipalities of Calosso and Moasca. In this area the soil is rich in limestone marl with rare, chalky, sulfurous areas atop the highest hills.

The soil composition gives the Barbera produced in this area a good acidity, fruity aromas and a significantly better capability to age well. In Salere we cultivate Barbera, almost exclusively, plus a small vineyard of Chardonnay. These 1000 vines were planted in 2013 ( a particular clone from Burgundy France, that Claudio enthusiastically wanted to add to our vineyards).
The other 4 hectares of grapes are located in the hamlet of Vianoce, to the north of Agliano. In this part of the village the soil is characterized by a good combination of marl, potassium and clay, giving the Barbera cultivated here fullness of flavor and structure. In Vianoce we also grow Cabernet Sauvignon, Arneis and a small vineyard of Chardonnay.

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