Our winery is situated in the town of Agliano Terme, to the south of Asti , in the Monferrato Hills. Since June of 2014 Monferrato, along with Langhe and Roero, have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Our little village is situated in an area considered to be the heart of Barbera d'Asti production.

It is among the municipalities with the largest planted area of this grape variety. In 2015 the municipality, which has a total area of 1540 hectares, had on record 241 vineyards. This gave a total of more than 600 hectares of grapevines, of which 521 hectares were planted with Barbera ; 424.13 of the 500 hectares are documented as registered Barbera d'Asti DOCG and Nizza.

In Agliano Terme more than 30 manufacturers produce and bottle their own wines. Moreover, the municipality of Agliano Terme has its own winery Cooperative, called the Cantina Sociale Barbera Sei Castelli, currently the largest producer by far of Barbera d'Asti DOCG.

The prestigious value of Barbera wines from Agliano prompted several renowned wineries in other areas to buy Barbera vineyards in Agliano. Twenty years ago there were already producers who thought of the possibility of attributing a specific DOC for Barbera, creating a specification for special low yields per hectare, to ensure the quality and slower aging of the grapes, thus enhancing the wines' longevity. This was the philosophy adopted by the Agliano wineries and has become one of the guidelines in the production of our wines.

Our winery also is part of Barbera Agliano, an association founded in July 2013 to promote excellence in Agliano Terme's wines.

The uniqueness of this association is that we have brought together not only producers of wine but all the related businesses of the area. The association also encompasses the restaurateurs, retailers and hotel owners. They have created a network to raise awareness of the beauty of the region, the wine, the food, the scenery and the local culture. The goal being to put Agliano in the focus of more tourists, Italian and foreign, who choose to visit the Monferrato area.

The Barbera Agliano Association organizes cultural and gastronomic events and initiatives, encouraging the economic development of the different association collaborators. It puts a focus on quality and through communication and information promotes our products all around 360 degrees. The challenge undertaken is to make the name of Agliano Terme increasingly synonymous with high quality Barbera, an ambitious strategy but, while challenging, something we strongly believe in.

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